My passion for bettering corporate cultures began in the 4th grade when I started my own peer mediation program. With over fifteen years of experience (not including 4th grade) in advertising, branding, and mediation, I specialize in advising founders, internal culture creation, and leading corporate wellness programs.


Using my network and my understanding of the entertainment industry, I initiated and developed meaningful, mutually beneficial partnerships like Kaley Cuoco with Priceline, Ford’s sponsorship of the award-winning independent film, Five Star Day starring Jena Malone, and negotiating the use of Natalie Cole’s “This Will Be” in eHarmony’s New Year campaign, along with Natalie Cole performing at the Rose Bowl Parade. My goal with every partnership is a powerful, successful campaign that helps your work help others.


From my diverse background with startups, large organizations, and media I see business and founder initiatives from all perspectives, allowing me to develop actionable strategies for unlocking founder and company potential. I co-created the Founder ROI discussion series, based on my Founder Wellness ROI service, to inform founders of the supports available within their communities as they are cultivating their own ecosystems. Through this series, I collaborate with and engage experts in all fields in order to share the latest developments in person and professional ROI.


I am a chapter leader of UPWARD Women, a global organization that supports female founders, elevates their presence in the corporate sector, and accelerates their growth as people and as a community. I also founded Cultivating Creative Brilliance, a mentorship program designed to empower undergraduate students to seek out the best culture fit for their individualized career goals. My dedication to building communities through developing value-aligned working relationships, creating intentional corporate cultures, and defining success as the wellness of the whole person has led me to create my business culture consultancy.